About Jane Ramsey

Santa Ynez Valley, Through the Eyes of A Visitor

A collection of plein air watercolor paintings and sketches by Jane Ramsey.

This is Jane's third visit to the Santa Ynez Valley. While her daughter trains at Monty Robert's ranch in Solvang, Jane can be found along the roadsides painting and sketching. Jane finds the California light and color so inspiring. The contrast of rich warm colors and cool soft shadows make for great paintings. The topography of the land with it's undulating curves and steep canyons and the majestic oaks are all great subject matter.

A plein air artist, Jane has a passion for capturing the moment, right at the scene. Jane Ramsey is an accomplished, award-winning plein air artist and has been a featured artist in many plein air painting events up and down the east coast.

"I love painting in the Santa Ynez Valley. Every turn in the road has me excited about what I might encounter... what scene will catch my eye. I especially enjoy meeting the people, hearing stories about what I am painting and capturing the experience on paper."